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Business Coaching

Be the Best Leader You Can Be!

Whether we want to admit it or not, the pace of the leader is the pace of the team. Business, like life, has many layers and depths of understanding.

On a superficial level we have the segments of a business most everyone knows:

  • Finance
  • Sales
  • Operations
  • Marketing

All are very important for any business to be profitable and sustain in the long term.  So why is it that even with this basic understanding of each segment, 9 out of 10 businesses close their doors in the first 3 years?

This is because we as leaders have failed to take accountability and learn how to be a LEADER versus a MANAGER.

What type of leader would you say you are, regardless of the role you play in the business?

  • Do you want to get to the next level?
  • Do you know what that is?

What makes a leader and what are the phases we go through to become a leader?

It’s almost like the stages of life. Freud would say that if you as a child had learned how to walk before your learned how to crawl then you were not able to fully develop.  This would cause some challenges in the future as an adult. Consider for some of you that you are stuck in a stage of leadership, or skipped over a stage of leadership, and that is why it is challenging to maintain a successful, smooth running business.

Once you know your position in your stage of development as well as what the next stage is, then you can take the necessary actions to get there by utilizing the skills learned in your coaching program.

The first foundation stage of leadership is a Highly Capable Individual

This means that as an individual, you are extremely proficient at your duties. You have mastered being an individual. The challenge lies in proper assessment of where to grow.

The second level of leadership is a Contributing Team Member

This is where many get stuck due to the fact that you as the owner/manager/team leader are the top producer and generate 75% or more of the revenue. Although important, at this level you are working as a team member and are not truly able to be the leader for the rest of the team development.

The next level is a Competent Manager

This is someone who can successfully delegate and assimilate information, provide direction and problem solve. This is one who manages things and individuals’ moods. This individual does what he/she is told and manages based on outside directives.

When you’ve evolved from the last stage, you move up as an Effective Leader

Your title has changed again and “leader” takes place. This is where you stop managing and truly become a leader by guiding others. You are now effectively guiding individuals based on a common vision, mission and goals. You will manage systems not moods, instill confidence and reach a new level of success. However, there is still one more level to get to the apex of success.

The final level is a High Performance Leader

A fully developed leader will embody all 5 levels. Imagine people whom you know that function at this level of leadership. Do they have a successful, profitable business and still have a life?

To choose to take on the journey of business coaching, you will master each level of your business.

Most importantly you will still have a LIFE outside of work.

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