Become a coach


Become a coach

Become a Part of the Coaching Community

Due to its popularity, high client satisfaction levels, and growing demand, Life Coaching has become one of the fastest growing home-based businesses in North America.  It has also spread throughout Europe, Australia, South America, and many parts of Asia.  The fact that 98.5% of all clients are satisfied with their coach speaks to the value of the process, and is a good indicator for the future of this industry.  And as more evidence-based research becomes available showing the efficacy of coaching, the profession will continue to grow.

A Powerful Life Choice

Becoming a life or business coach is not a choice to take lightly.  For myself and the other coaches that I’ve trained, this is a life calling, and is more than just a job to make money or a way to feel fulfilled by helping others.  This is a gift that is given to those who have seen their life’s purpose.

Whenever someone inquires about becoming a coach, the first thing that I share with them is that coaching is about taking yourself to an entirely different playing field.  When you are declaring that you want to help transform others, you must be prepared to take your personal journey to a deep level of transformation.  In order for you to guide someone, you must be clear and healed from your own blocks. If you feel that you are ready for that level of work, then it is time to step into the purpose you have and get the training that you need.

This journey will guide you to understanding the core competencies of coaching, along with equipping you with the tools and knowledge needed to succeed.  You will be a part of a group of highly talented beings that have seen their truest purpose in life, and each of you will be working together as one.  It is vital that we have a synergy with each other, as the journey can be challenging and each person’s place will be different.  The common goal is to transform humanity, and this is what unites us together.

There are 4 parts to building a foundation for coaching:

  • Business Development
  • Relationship Building
  • Program Structure
  • Coach Knowledge

Business Development

Business development is an essential part of your coaching. You wouldn’t build your house without having a solid foundation in place, right?  Your coaching business must be treated the same.

The main elements of business development include:

  • Business Plan
  • Your Vision/Mission/Values
  • Marketing
  • Closing Clients

Most coach training programs don’t offer the business development support, which stems from Alejandra’s extensive background in sales and business management. She has built a strong patronage of over 1,000 clients within a 5-year period, and generates a six-figure income from her coaching business.

Relationship Building

Establishing a relationship with your client is the key to your success. This means the client must understand what is required in their specific coaching interaction, as well as what is the process will entail.
Once the client/coach relationship is in tact, the coaching may begin.

Program Structure

The program structure is where the coaching will take place.

There are several approaches to coaching and how to arrive at the desired results a client wants.  Each client will bring a unique sense of themselves and the world around them; a structure however, will be created for you as a coach and will be the same for each client.  You will follow a road map in order to achieve maximum results.

The program that you will learn has been successfully used to transform peoples lives, time and time again.

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